The African Mind Rewire Mentorship and Coaching Class

Module 1 The Ra Principle And Creating A Positive Mental Attitude To Gain Maximum Altitude In All Areas Of Your Life
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Creating a new mind and the rest of your life
Unit 3 foundation of brain and emotion connection to rewire for success
Unit 4 Magneto X-Men Experiement
Unit 5 Zoom class meeting
Module 2 Physician Heal Thyself: The Chakra system and your health
Unit 1 What is illness on an energetic level?
Unit 2 Our Energy Anatomy And The Illness Big Picture
Unit 3 Third unit of health module
Unit 4 Zoom meeting on health unit
Module 3 Finding Your Life Purpose Through Clarity of Mind Connected to Soul
Unit 1 The old idea of serving God
Unit 2 The African Science of happiness
Unit 3 The Quantum field of possibilities experiment ask for guidance
Unit 4 Zoom class
Module 4 Attracting the perfect love
Unit 1 What is true love?
Unit 2 How do I find the love I desire?
Unit 3 The love experiment
Unit 4 Zoom Class
Module 5 Attracting money and abundance
Unit 1 The science of (faith)manifesting
Unit 2 Why do I struggle making a keeping money?
Unit 3 The science of attracting abundance
Unit 4 Zoom Class
Module 6 Gain Self-Confidence
Unit 1 How do I love me, let me count the ways
Unit 2 Love thyself and then love your neighbor
Unit 3 How to recognize when confidence is high
Unit 4 Zoom Class
Module 7 What is the real you?
Unit 1 The ancient African idea of the soul
Unit 2 The science of the soul
Unit 3 How to recognize the call of the soul
Unit 4 Zoom class
Module 8 Soul contracts
Unit 1 Is there good and bad Karma?
Unit 2 How do soul contracts work?
Unit 3 How to recognize your soul contracts
Unit 4 Zoom Class
Module 9 How to develop spiritual partnerships
Unit 1 Bringing root chakra energy into our relationships
Unit 2 What is a relationship on an energetic level?
Unit 3 Getting my energy right for my partner
Unit 4 Zoom Class
Module 10 Creating a powerful sex life
Unit 1 What is sex on a spiritual level
Unit 2 The Energy of sex
Unit 3 Taking sex to the metaphysical level
Unit 4 Zoom Class