Beginner Friendly African Spirituality 

[Reginald Martin]


This is where you begin your journey from religion into spirituality

This is beginner friendly African spirituality. Have you ever had the feeling something about Christianity is just not right? My videos and channel will expose why in a positive, informative, easily digestible style with documented book references for you to do research.

 If you are coming out of Christianity this is the best channel to help you understand why you didn’t feel right about Christianity but also connect you to what was originally meant on a spiritual basis. I love cracking the code and teaching this information!

About [Reginald]

Hi, my name is Reginald Martin, I am the  founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a former middle school teacher, Author, Speaker, student of metaphysics, Khemetic science researcher and student,  formally educated and degreed in psychology, an ex-Christian for more than 20 years and STILL recovering from Toxic Christianity’s abusive mental programming.

It wasn’t enough for me to just get knowledge. As a Christian I always felt something was just not right but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I wanted the ability to transform my life life in ways that were uplifting and positive. But how I was taught to think and live through the indoctrination was analogous to driving with my feet on the break and the gas at the same time. I lived in constant mental and emotional conflict.

It wasn’t until I began to l examine my religion and its indoctrination that I finally figured out why I was always in conflict. 

My courses and this website are dedicated to helping you unchain your mind from the indoctrination and elevate your consciousness in a way that will help you to trust your own inner guidance. Not to simply accumulate interesting facts to regurgitate and beat people over the head with as may have been your initial introduction to Khemetic Knowledge.  It is about you developing “spiritual self-esteem” which will elevate you to self-confidence and appreciation for your unique, authentic way of being.