Learn ancient kemetic spirituality designed in a way to rewire your mind for success!

Unlearn limiting Christian beliefs, no more self-sabotage, release fear, let go of guilt, heal from shame and mistrust, become a beacon in a sea of darkness

  • Thank you for taking the first step in taking charge of how you live.
  • I’m not sure where you are in life right now
  • You might be working a job you HATE, but you’re not sure what you want to do…
  • You might feel like you’ll never be worthy of living the life or your dreams
  •  Or you might be constantly stressed about money…

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Hi, I’m Reginald Martin Founder of Khemetic Centered Living. I’m so glad that you made it here. You are about to embark on a life changing journey that is empowering, positive, and joyful!

make this new year amazing!

are you ready to do something different in your life? 

Think about something you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can truly change things in your favor.

You just need a different approach.

You need processess, skills, and tools to “rewire” the brain holistically to literally allow you to create the future you desire

You need a way to connect mind, body, and soul like you never have before to get guidance and clarity

You need to access your true power to get the results you truly want

The “African mind rewire” class is the answer

If you are new to Kmetic Centered Living and/or you just have a burning desire have more, do more, and be more in your life then learning the science of thought engineering at Kemetic Centered Living (KCL) is the place to be. it’s a program that takes you by the hand and helps you study, understand, and know thyself as a connected mind, soul, and body. It helps you with “REAL” life by giving you step by step processes to help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the results that show up as your life. These processes will empower you!

You desire…

A life filled with love.A life filled with laughter and joy.A life filled with wealth and abundance.

But…You might not even believe that it’s possible for you.You might even feel lost and confused – unsure about where or how to get started.

this has taken me to a whole new level

Kathlyn a.// Artist

My life feels so beautiful and elevated. I have been working on my growth spiritually before I found your teachings.  I thought I was in a good place consciously, but this has taken me to a whole new level. I’m so thirsty for more and more knowledge. I just can’t get enough! I’m suspended in LOVE. @Reginald Martin thank you so much for your time and efforts of presenting this information to us. It is clear, concise, and applicable. It all makes so much sense and my soul is is happy for it, no matter what comes my way.

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But I know for a FACT that you are closer than you think (in fact, I’ll even show you the exact steps you need to take to get there)

The first thing I want you to think about is, do you want to have more control in your life?

You need real life everyday step-by-step processes and tools to understand the brain and how your mind is connected to create your life. We will be untethering from old school thinking and upgrading your “programs.”

Many people claim to teach you Khemetic Spirituality, but it is really only a history lesson that you get a lot of facts. However, they don’t teach you anything that you can use and apply in your life to uplift you consciously.

You hear the term, “knowledge is power.” But the truth is, just because you read a book on the stock market will not make you rich. You have to be able to understand and APPLY the knowledge.

That is what I will help you do in the “African Mind Rewire” class

Men, I know that you have been taught to bottle up any emotion that doesn’t express anger or rage. It’s killing us. We have shorter lifespans than any demographic group on the planet! We have to change that narrative. Think of this as new, next level Khemetic science 2.0.

The spiritual science knowledge you gained at Khemetic Centered Living  has fed your mind. But I know many believe it is only theoretical and only something to learn and think about. I’m going to change that idea for you.

The new KCL Empowerment process is next level 2.0 African Spiritual science that will take knowledge to a higher level and give you spiritual empowerment SKILLS. A skill is a repeatable process you can LEARN and gain EXPERTISE on. You will become an expert and gain the ability to change your life!

Learning the KCL Empowerment Processes will give you the thought engineering  SKILLS to go after that higher paying  job with the flexible work arrangements that allow you to keep working from home even after the pandemic.

Or you will gain the confidence to be bold enough to fire your boss and start that business you always wanted that fulfills your purpose.

Or simply finding your purpose so you can live life on your terms

Portrait Of Smiling Mature Businessman Standing In Lobby Of Busy Modern Office

When I look back over my life as far as I can remember, I see how events and learning stages line up towards a common purpose. You Brother Khu-Akaru have shared information that is waking up all who will dare to think outside the box. We are talking “life-changing” experiences. I’m blown away! Everything is connected.

JD Martin

Retired Minister

This class is about Taking the Khemetic  principles to the next level Step by step and guide you to creating your DREAM life…

In the ‘African mind rewire’ online  program, I’ll give you step-by- step processes and teach you spiritual science skills on how to use your brain and heart in a way that will help you ease stress, anxiety, worry, and boredom in so many areas of your life. In other words, solve real life and real world problems that effect you now.

My job in the teaching the class is to help you understand how to go from knowledge, to experience, to wisdom.

or another way to express this is to go from mind, to body, to soul.

A 9-month class that you can cancel at any time, where each month you will learn the Ancient African science of “thought engineering” with your head, apply it in your life, and know it with your heart so that you can upgrade your consciousness so that you can have more, be more, and do more with your life. All based on identifiable skills you can learn and repeat until it becomes a way of life. Not because of stifling rules to follow like in religion, but because they make life enjoyable and fulfilling. You will choose to use these skills.

Monthly format each week:

  1. Researched detailed article on the ancient African spiritual principle of the month to teach you the principle and how to use it in your life and ask questions for feedback (self-paced)
  2. Article connecting you to latest cutting-edge modern research and science behind the same ancient principle to make it “real” for application in your everyday life (self-paced)
  3. Video supplements to further explain the processes
  4. Actual experiments that are fun and engaging for you to, test, learn, and then put the principles into practice in your daily life so you can “know thyself” (self-paced)

Well, Target didn’t have any and neither did Walmart, but I was determined to do this so I went to the dry cleaners and asked for 3. I just did this and ya’ll….I’m over here smiling like I just came from getting my teeth cleaned, lol. I’m going to be walking around my house trying to move stuff the rest of the day. This is so fun. I love these lessons. I’m seeing the change in my world by focusing on my emotion to determine mine results and I am so elated I found these lessons. Thanks so much Reginald. Hotep

Tamara Jones


Connect with a community and family of like minded people

“I also love the idea that

there are so many like minded folks”

Janice R. – Accountant

I’ve said it before and will say it again many times, you are an amazing

teacher and I am so grateful to have found what you have to offer.

I left class yesterday feeling joyfully renewed. I also love the idea that

there are so many like minded folks in the class that add to the informative discussions.

What we will cover through a combination of reading, science lab works sheets:

Module 1 The Ra Principle And Creating A Positive Mental Attitude To Gain Maximum Altitude In All Areas Of Your Life!

Does it seem that happiness is elusive? Are there to many days that feel like clouds are following you around?

This first month is going to lay the foundation to rewiring your mind. It will change your life! You will begin the process of unlearning the negative programming that causes you to think in self-loathing and limiting ways. You will truly understand what it means to be a god or godess in training because you will lean how much power you have to create ANYTHING you want in life!

young african woman in sweater

Module 2 Physician Heal Thyself: The Chakra system and your health

Is fear of covid 19 driving you nuts? How can you insure your health during this time of the pandemic and beyond?

This month we will focus on how you can empower yourself instead of living paralyzed with fear of getting sick.

You will get detailed teaching on what your energy anatomy is, how it work, how it it is connected to mind and body, and how you can heal and maintain your health.

African American woman practicing yoga at the beach

Module 3 Finding Your Life Purpose Through Clarity of Mind Connected to Soul 

How do you find your life purpose? Who do you know if you are on the right track to realize your purpose?

This month we will dive deep on this concept, you might not have any idea what you were meant to do and be at this time. But I can help you gain clarity to know confidently when you are on the right trackOnce you understand this, you will wake up EXCITED and energized every single morning to start your day with clarity knowing you are being guided in the right direction!

Smiling Woman Talking On Cellphone Taking Notes Sitting At WorkplaceAttractive african woman with perfect skin smiling and looking aside

Module 4 Education of the soul

Why do bad things happen to good people?

In this module you will begin to learn why you incarnate as a human being. The soul in you has to learn. Learning for the soul is about gaining wisdom, not facts. What are the lessons that stick with you through lifetimes and why?

Curvy women at the beach

Module 5 Soul Contracts and figuring out your major life lessons

How did you end up with the people in your life? Your parents, siblings, your mean old boss? This has to do with the soul contracts and all that you want to learn (gain wisdom) through this life. 

Clear the “money-blocks” that you might not even be aware of, and learn not only how to attract REAL money and the life you desire.

Go from living paycheck to paycheck (and constantly stressed about your money) to having and abundance of money and complete control over your finances.

African couple in love enjoying first trip together

Module 6 Attracting The Perfect Love as your Self Confident reflection

Do you find it difficult to connect with others romantically? 

In this unit, we will explore love and the steps you need to take to rewire your mind for successful relationships. You will do this by learning the foundational principles that will be important in all areas of your life.

Smiling young African businessman standing in a modern office

Module 7 Creating money and abundance in my life

Do you feel you just don’t have enough? Not Enough love, not enough money, not enough free time?  Is your Just Over Broke (J.O.B.) depressing you?

Abundance is about more than just money. One of the prime lessons that many want to learn is how to create abundance. The principles work the same in all areas of life. What you are learning in this course is principles, not just rules. Once you learn the principle, you can apply the same knowledge consistently across all areas of your life. 

Happy athletic couple playing around while on a walk

Module 8 Expanding Your Idea Spiritual Living beyond you can’t do this and you can’t do that!

So as Christians we were taught, don’t do this, because its not honoring God, or don’t say this because it is not Christian like, don’t live this way because… Insert WHATEVER!  You should expand, not shrink your experiences.

As Christians, we are limited by the dogma of what spiritual living is. In this unit, we will talk about this idea and expand it. There are metaphysical excercises and tools you can learn to use to expand you. But you have rewire you ideas about spirituality being about limiting yourself. We explore and expand in this module to help you live boldly, confidently, and on your terms.

Beautiful African woman

Module 9 Reincarnation

When will I stop reicarnating on earth? What makes me have to come back? Are there other places to reincarnte besides earth?

In this unit we will get into the science of reincarnation and address some of the basic ideas. It will help you to move beyond the ideas of going to hell and other concepts based on punishing you for some arbitrary reason.

If you are sitting around, looking around at your life and wondering, how did I end up here? The African Mind Rewire is the answer to that

If you feel like you are riding the line of normalcy and mediocrity and you want more, The African Mind Rewire is the answer for that

If you can relate and you want more, but you’re not sure how to do it? The African Mind Rewire is your solution

If you’re like me, you might be thinking, but I’m smart, I’m intelligent, and I know all this stuff, THAT IS EXACTLY the person I want coming into my class

Because knowing it and doing it are two different things

The African Mind Rewire is designed for people to actually practice what they know, but in a measurable and observable way. This is the skills part. You have probably never considered “prayer” a skill.  That’s only because you were operated from the religious concept of prayer.

The KCL Rewired Empowerment Process is based on the Ancient African paradigm and goes beyond the A.C.T.S. that the church taught us as “praying.” When you know thyself, it will tap you into the universe the ancient African way. It is life changing once you learn it! Once you “get it” then you can repeat the process skillfully and at will. You can get what you want every time. That’s what learning the African spiritual science will do for you. It will elevate you consciously and empower you at the same time!

I’ve read hundreds of books on self help, the mind etc. None has even came close to your method of simplicity. I am so excited about my progress in such a short time. I was just planning the start of my business and I looked at my phone and saw your email 📨. Timing is everything with Source.You continue to amaze me in every lesson. Keep it up My Brother, You are the one with the light that is lighting our candles ️ so we can help ourselves and then help others.

Blessings and Peace to you!

Martha h.


What will you unlearn vs What you will gain with the rewire in the course

Christianity teaches you a negative mindset that you don’t really identify because you were taught to never question God, the bible, or any Christian teachings. These negative teachings infiltrate all aspects of your life and cause you to doubt yourself when you need confidence. The negative teachings tell you to hate yourself when love of self is the key. They do not go away overnight, you have to work through them as you move through your life and your relationships.

Unlearn Negative Programming

  • Christianity teaches that you are born a sinner, a wretch, broken, and because of that pitiful state that you are in, you need to be saved
  • Christian teachings force you to accept negative self-definitions like I am a wretch next to my perfect God, I am weak, but he is strong, which make you feel unworthy to enjoy life
  • Christianity teaches that the power to change your circumstances, and any aspect of your life rests in the belief that a savior outside of you will do it for you if you only believe, which causes you to live in victimhood praying that others will change
  • Christianity makes you judgemental because you feel so low about yourself that  the only way to live in your imperfect state is to look at other people as more imperfect than you are
  • Christianity teaches you that living life in human form is a curse that you must escape by being more spiritual, it puts you at odds with enjoying life and what it has to offer

The Rewired Mind

  • Kemetic spirituality teaches that you are born divine with the ability to be more, do more, and have more because you are seed of God in human form with the ability to create your world
  • Kemetic Spirituality will teach you how to acquire the riches of life which are health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and money
  • Kemetic spirituality teaches that within you is the wisdom of the ages that will help guide you through if you only learn how to tap into it
  • Kemetic spirituality uplifts you because you learn to recognize that everything and everyone one are from the same source and therefore worthy to exist as they are, no more judging others
  • Kemetic spirituality teaches that your body and the life you live is part of the soul and the vehicle in which the soul learns and gains wisdom. Life is a journey that you should experience joy, learn from your pain, and gain wisdom from all experiences


The truth of the matter is that you can get all the books on how to buy real estate, start a business, have great relationships, invest in cryptocurrency, and stocks. But if you have been living with the negative programming of a Christian belief system you will never have the courage to turn off the negative news on tv and get off the couch. In order to reverse years of negative programming you have to rewire your mind by becoming a mental thought engineer.

What class participants are saying about their rewire

I am seeing things a whole lot clearer. My mind has opened to a whole new way of seeing things. It is like being unplugged from the MATRIX. It is exciting ! I am really trying to think only about the peace, happiness and joy that I want to bring into my reality. My focus has been to remove all negative thoughts and feelings from my consciousness.

Juanita H.// Accountant

 I feel like a kid at toys r us watching my mom put toys in the cart. I cant wait to play with all my new toys. Lets get it!! man I appreciate your work Reginald.

Jabaar T.//School Teacher

This is incredible. When I hear things concerning life this new thought pattern automatically kicks in without me knowing it. I fully understand the “rewire” part. Now it’s beginning to become hard wired in full drive. I swear I can’t stop. What I missed out on in life is 98% because of fear. Professor Khu-akaru you bring truth and knowledge. Makes me want to shout hallelujah and thank you Jesus! Oops. Wrong Channel.

Donald O.// Ex Minister

Its about more than just gaining knowledge

I will help you achieve more in these areas of your life by teaching you ancient sacred skills that you learn and become an expert, no more guess work like you had superstitiously in religionThrough The African Mind Rewire, We study ourselves to KNOW THYSELF and PRACTICE what we want to createA lot of us that love self-help are really good at ordering books on amazon and are really good at reading them and gaining Khemetic KNOWLWEDGE but are no good at applying the tools and executing them, that will change with the African Mind RewireI created The African Mind Rewire to help you learn and apply. Knowledge is power but only if you can apply it!If you want to set a foundation for the new economy, feel better and want to create more positive results in your life, If you’re struggling with anxiety, frustration, and being stuck? The African Mind Rewire is the answer, you will be taught the skill on how to become a mental thougt enginer.

  • An Engineer (noun) is a person who skillfully or shrewdly manages an enterprise (your mind)
  • You have to apply scientific principles to practical ends to construct the good that you want in your life.
  • As a thought engineer, you have to be a person who skillfully and shrewdly manages their mind.
  • You have to plan, you have to manage, you have to put through with skill acts of courage to get the good that you desire in life

The questions African Mind rewire will help you to answer

Through this course in African spiritual science you will find answers to the most profound question that anyone can ask about their life for example:

Who am I?

How should I seek to live?

By what principles should I be guided in my actions?

What goals should I pursue?

What is to be the meaning of my life?

Confronting these questions is at the foundation of you living your life in a way that is satisfying and meaningful other wise you live life through your fears and regrets shrinking into the morass of society never to be thought of or remembered!

If you are struggling with this decision it may be because you are confusing yourself, you may be, “I’m not sure if I’m ready for this, I’m not sure if it’s worth the value, you keep saying, “I don’t know to yourself”

One of the things I teach in The African Mind Rewire is that I don’t know won’t get you anywhere. Don’t sit on the fence.

what are some of the benefits of

 the African mind rewire?

  • You will gain self-acceptance which means you will no longer feel the need to deny or disown any aspect of self or live in an advesarial relationship to your own human experience
  • You will learn to appropriately access your own behaviors which allows you to become less judgmental and compassionate towards yourself and others
  • You will begin to live life actively rather than passively because you will be empowered from the core of your being by living with the knowledge of your true power through the KCL Rewired Empowerment Processes
  • You will have greater self-trust and self-love that will lift you out of anxiety and insecurity because you will cease to be at war with yourself
  • You will gain the courage to live and be authentically who you are without fear of being judged by others because of being in congruence with inner self and outer self; Know thyself
  • You will be more open to constructive criticism and comfortable about acknowledging mistakes because your self-esteem is not tied to any phony image of “perfection”
  • You will gain an attitude of openness and curiosity about new ideas, new experiences, and new possibilities of life because existence will become an adventure
  • You will find that you become more humorous with the ability to laugh at yourself because of raising your level of self-confidence
  • You will be more flexible in responding to life’s challenges moved by a sense of adventure and playfulness because you trust your own mind to no longer see life as doomed or defeat
  • You will be more comfortable with assertiveness, quicker to stickup and speak for yourself because you are worthy of respect
  • Because you have gained clarity and confidence you will seek ways in which you can live life on your terms and never again worry about being judged by others and what they or society expects
  • You will learn how to create your life from your own inner compass and learn how to tap into your own well of eternal wisdom
  • By learning these ancient skills you will unlearn the negative programming of Christianity and gain access to the true knowledge of ancient African spirituality

Don’t leave this page undecided

Where you are right now you can decide if you’re going to join The African Mind Rewire coaching and mentoring program and go all in and do all the things that I’ve talked about, or you can decide that you’re not going to do it, that you don’t want to do it, that you don’t want to work on your emotional direction right now and maybe you’ll do it at another time,

What I want to recommend to you is that you make a decision, Yes or NO

Do not leave this page with an “I don’t know”

I don’t know will NEVER serve you,

The feeling of confusion, won’t get you anywhere,

A yes will have you moving forward, will have you going all in, will have you doing the work, that will ultimately change your life

A NO will relieve the confusion and will have you saying no on purpose for whatever your reason is.

The only thing I want to say is, that if you say no, make sure you like your reason, make sure that’s a reason you want to live your life by

Another “rewired” participant is saying this

I feel a change. With the new information at hand. I am allowed now to make decisions and see the outcomes. If I don’t like them, rinse and repeat. Outcome not what I need in my life, I will perform a new experiment. You are architecting your life as you go being careful not to have any conflicting ideas that will disrupt your goal achievements.

DAVID W. Writer

This coaching is helping me to go back and look at some of those struggles that I had been nursing but now using a different lens to appreciate the opposition that I perceived. To go beyond making myself the victim and them a villain, or even vice versa. Thank you for the clarification

DEBORAH R Advertising

The African Mind Rewire program with the KCL Rewired Empowerment Process is the solution for anyone who is tired of just passively consuming knowledge and wants to start doing the work for real change in their life. If you do the work, I will teach you how to empower yourself to change your life! For the positive.

This is about becoming an expert at ancient African Sacred Science

You will learn sacred skills so poweful that your inner life will become so aligned with your actions and intentions that the world seems to line up in your favor like magic!

Look at the amazing bonuses you get for signing up. This won’t last forever!

$3490.00 in Free Bonuses included in your monthly class membership

When you enroll in the class you will also get access to my best selling courses to supplement you African spiritual education!

African spirituality course

African sprituality Before Christianity: The Ultimate Guide

Completely expose the deceit of Christianity

My best selling course that teaches you the foundation of African spritituality while at the same time exposing how Christianity twisted and changed the original African teachings. Confused? Conflicted? Had your beliefs shattered? Don’t know what to do next? This course will give you direction and clarity. $80 value free for joining the course

African spirituality beginners course

Beginners Guide to Ancient Kemetic Science

How did African spirituality connect to ancient Kemet?

So many people think that Africa had no spiritual system and simply worshiped trees and animals. But the truth is that what Kemet developed and honed first began within interior Africa. Don’t know anything about African Spirituality? Want to know how African spiritual and Kemetic spirituality connects? Did you know the Sphinx and Pyramids really older than what we are taught? Africans had influence on ALL the worlds spiritual systems. $50 value free for joining the course

African mind rewire community

African Mind Rewire Community

Have you been feeling isolated with no one to share with?

Get access to a community of like minded people that are on this journey of enlightenment. A community of individuals that you can connect with from all over the world and different backgrounds and discuss the ideas with, get support, and make new friends. $360 value as a free bonus for joining the course.

12 zoom calls for coaching and teaching for clarifications. 

Do you sometimes just need to hear it? Like to chat with others?

There are times that you need to ask a question or just get some direction on what you are learning. Or maybe you would just like to meet the people you had been chatting with inside the facebook group. This all happens in the Zoom Calls. $3,000 value as a free bonus for joining the course.

Registration is closed scroll down and get on the waiting list

It’s the best value for anywhere in the world and is specifically designed to uplift the mind of the African diaspora in our modern world!

You can get a full years access for a one-time payment of $423 and access to all free bonuses. If you don’t have that save up it ok. I also have an option for 6 payments of $97 for a full years access to the course and access to all free bonuses.